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A special opportunity for innovative IT thought leaders

Nothing seems to be more popular or relevant in todays IT industry than cloud computing. Thanks to its ever-evolving efficiencies, infrastructure, pricing and safe storage for data, the cloud has become the talk of IT town.

However, much like any other decision that affects ones business, choosing the most suitable cloud platform can be a challenge. Yet with cloud stack, IT leaders are able to install a cloud platform with ease. Cloud stack platforms help make the transition to the cloud easier, giving you the IT leader, less of a headache for you and your business.

The Cloud Stack Summit is a unique opportunity for the greatest IT thinkers to collaborate on current industry challenges and trends facing the cloud. The event will include representatives from various industries, including health care, finance, insurance, government, telecom, utilities, education and more. Attending CIOs and IT executives engage in one-on-one networking, while discussing the issues currently affecting CIOs from a variety of industries.

As an IT leader, now is the time to produce real business value for your organization with cloud computing and operating systems with cloud stack. We at CDM Media know that in order for you to take time out of the office, it must be time well spent. The Cloud Stack Summit agenda offers a balanced schedule of focused educational sessions, face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities that will maximize your time and efforts, providing you with ideas and strategies truly capable of changing business practices.



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A CDM Media Event
A CDM Media Event

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1:1 pre-determined 30-minute meetings


Dedicated Roundtable, Thought Leadership and Keynote sessions on summit agenda


14 hours of networking across the event


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I've already had follow up discussions with a couple of the vendors I met and I see promise for future business. The meetings were the perfect length of time and I learned a lot about some vendors I thought I knew. I was impressed by the event, it was very well organized and executed.


A very impressive event, the whole thing was first class. Assembling senior leadership is not an easy task. Kudos to your organization on such a successful event and my sincerest thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!

VP, Information Security

Coming to this conference, I was a little dubious. However this has turned out to be the highlight of the year (in events).

Executive Director